Leadership Development and Strategic Planning

When can we start to be the best leaders we possibly can?


Everyday we can choose to lead our teams rather than manage them.

Everyday we can choose to inspire people to follow our vision rather than simply reach goals.

Everyday we can elevate instead of intimidate. 

We can and should redefine what leadership is – everyday.

Helping organizations develop their teams and strategy to achieve exceptional results.

Leadership Development

  • Review the foundational strengths, systems and processes that have made your team members and organization successful. 
  • Assess any challenges and blindspots that may need to be addressed. 
  • Execute proactive & innovative strategies with you and your team to empower and engage them to be stronger leaders. 

What Leadership Development looks like:

I am passionate about working with and developing leaders. Everyone on your leadership and senior management team is there for a reason, but they aren’t perfect.  They may need help in some areas:

  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership Voice

Let me help you get them there.

Goal Setting:
Identify the members of your leadership / senior teams and the development you wish for them.

Leadership Development Coaching:
Hold regular sessions with you and your team to get them from current to ideal state.

Develop and provide roadmaps to guide them towards their own goals, as well as the organization’s success.

Tools / Strategies:
I will provide personalized tools and strategies that will help proactively keep them on track / support growth.

Strategic Planning & Support

  • Identify where you are currently, and what your vision is of where you want to go. 
  • Empower and include your stakeholders to provide insights and ideas, and increase accountability in execution. 
  • Provide a clear Roadmap of WHO needs to do WHAT and WHEN.


What Strategic Planning and Development looks like:

Two of the biggest mistakes you can do when developing strategic plans is not being inclusive, and developing a plan with non-specific language.

Working together we will :

  • Engage stakeholders
  • Increase accountability in the execution
  • Have a clear roadmap with clear direction, owners and timelines

Let me help you get them there.

Goal Setting:
Identify and discuss your goals for the next 1-3 years for your organization.

Stakeholder Meetings:
Undertake data gathering with relevant stakeholders to get insights and increase accountability.

Strategy Meetings:
Design and execute strategy meetings with you, your team, and all relevant stakeholders.

I will develop and provide you with a summary and outline of the meetings for your team to follow.

Leadership Coaching
Meeting Facilitation
& Seminars
Group Training
& Workshops
Keynote Speaking
& Presentations

Debrah Coll

Leadership Development and Strategic Planning

I’ve been there.

I draw on 20+ years experience with a portfolio featuring brands such as Expedia Group, Vancouver Canucks, Intrawest, Corus Media and the Vancouver Grizzlies. The root of my success is my ability to tap into my own strong business background, and my achievements as a cross-functional leader of high-performing teams. My experience spans across multiple industries: media, sports, film and tv, real estate, resort and property development, travel, tech, and more. No matter the field, leadership challenges remain the same.
  • 20+ years mentoring business professionals toward individual career development
  • 20+ years developing and leading high-performing individuals, matching their strengths to organizational goals
  • 10+ years providing counsel, advice and direction to business executives, peers and team members
  • Coaching and Leadership Credentials: – Korn Ferry Leadership Foundations Program – Essential Impact Excelerator Essentials Coaching 
The formula is simple:

Results you can expect working with Debrah:

  • A leadership team who understands the importance of their leadership voice
  • A shift amongst your teams from a managing mindset to a leadership mindset
  • A more empowered team, accountable to their actions and results
  • Stronger individual leaders and deepening trust amongst your teams
  • Clear plans that every member of your team can connect to and understand their role in the organizations success

What’s my superpower?

I will embrace your vision, and I guarantee that you and your team will engage with my “all-in, hands-on” approach to achieve it.

I connect immediately with leadership and team members, to uncover strengths and growth potential within your people, and create a mindset shift across the organization.

I will roll up my sleeves and work in the trenches to ensure the best systems and strategies are in place, providing an external perspective during crisis and change.

You will benefit from my strong business background, my success as a cross-functional leader of high-performing teams, as well as my experience developing and mentoring leaders.

Past and current clients include:

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